Letting go of the 'plan' and living for everyday goals

July 21, 2018


I always thought I knew what I wanted from life and what I needed to be ‘successful’ and achieve my goals. If you asked me 5 years ago this would have included a wedding, starting a family, working a structured 9-5pm life.


It is not that I don’t want these things but I have come to realise, all that matters in life is being truly happy every-day. The World we live in is fast paced and forever changing. If you change your goals or change your mind, it does not mean that you don’t know what you want. If you are not willing to bend, you will break. I love the fact that I don’t know where I will be next year. I have achieved things that I never dreamt of achieving, I’ve built beautiful new friendships, and I have travelled to some wonderful places. This was never part of ‘the plan’. 


That does not mean I just go with the flow and have no structure to my life. I still have focus and drive, I want to achieve all that I can, but not so, in ten years’ time, I can own a mansion and drive a range rover with 5 children. That does not guarantee me everyday happiness. 




What would your perfect day involve?


My goal is that every day I am happy and I surround myself with positive people. I have the time to take care of myself, as well as others, and do the work that I am passionate about. 



Write a list of your every-day goals and create an intention. 




My daily intention:


Feel calm

Smile a lot

Say hello to everyone that walks by

Laugh frequently

Embrace work 

Create a positive working environment

Have fresh flowers to smell and look at in my home

Enjoy and appreciate my relationships

Feel grateful for my surroundings


Sleep and feel well rested

Feel inspired by the people I meet each day







Live each day to its fullest.




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